Stuff + Life = Take A Break

Unlike the enviable business-woman powerhouses I see at the gym, reading their movie scripts whilst wrangling their shimmying rumpus of a workout, out and about, ponytails flashing in the dim-light of a Los Angeles morning, I am taking a few days off.

Not as in “hey, I’m going to sit in my pajamas and watch all the episodes of X-Files on Netflix”, despite that actually being what I desire most right now, but as in:

The day job needs more of my time and creative energy. So, I am taking a break from posting meaningful and artistic updates for a few days – maybe a week.

Oh man…and the laundry. Yeah, life needs some getting done, and I’d like to sleep between the getting-done stuff.


4 thoughts on “Stuff + Life = Take A Break”

      1. I wonder if there are “artist vacations” – free food, free room and board, a month to a year long, you get a workspace, supplies included, and just make art.

  1. If you find one of these mythical free “artist vactions” then let me know. I fancy a retreat somewhere cool with a nice beach nearby, a treehouse to stay in (with a studio attached), plus a slide to leave the tree house and of course a cool bar nearby too.

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