Cataloging the internet love

Today a blog I start and end my day with has posted my Muertitas.

I hold Laughing Squid up there on my top 10 sites I go to every day. I have submitted artwork to them on occasion over the course of time. I sent them one link to a Muertita image a few weeks ago, imagining it would be forgotten like the others. Lo, what bandwidth through yonder monitor breaks! They not only found out about me, they chose other images as well, and then posted about my process.

The excitement I felt today was so huge, I was useless at work for about 30 minutes while my hands shook. I am also aware of how transient this moment is. In response to this sensation I took screenshots of what happened on the internet today after they posted to their many followers. There were also tweets, re-tweets, shares on new blogs, tumblr lit up as well.

Who knows if this will ever happen again. I better enjoy it while it lasts.

And here is some visual cataloging of what went down.


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