Muertita Clan Has Gone German!

I was recently contacted by a German art and lifestyle site, asking if they could feature my Muertitas. If you were wondering, they also speak English, and contacted me in English. I took a look at their site, and saw the art they had featured on the site was haunting and beautiful. I quickly agreed. I cannot read German, but I offer you google’s brutish translator, and I am more than pleased. There is a deep level of comfort that fills me, when I can read such thoughtful rumination about artwork, even through a computer’s attempt at transcribing another language.

…Transience and recurrence compared with beauty and decay are the themes of the sculptures. The magnificent design with fruit and flowers suggests fertility and pure natural beauty….one could philosophize endlessly about who is hunter and who is the victim. And what about life, death, beauty and celebrations mean in the context of all…The Muertitas invite definitely a help to look a little longer and to question a few cultivated mindset.

CLICK HERE to visit the site.
dia de las muertitas

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