Coming to Terms With Threadless, and Art Takes Miami Submission

I assume Threadless did not approve my t-shirt design, since I have heard nothing back. Thank you to everyone who voted! In response to not being able to get onto that amazing platform, I have made my design available through my Society6 store, and you can view it by clicking here. They can’t print their designs as large as Threadless does, when they come around I’ll let ya know.

But I keep moving on.

Last year some of you may remember when I submitted my Density paintings to the Art Takes London competition, which I did not win. Since my Muertita collection has been getting amazing online love, I decided to pay the submission fee again to be part of this year’s Art Takes Miami open call. In this case, the most votes don’t win, but they DO help get the attention of the judges, who will decide if my art fits their curating tastes. So, if you aren’t tired of clicking buttons to help my art muscle its way infront of the eyes of people with artistic clout, go here vote! Here’s hopin’.

This requires signing in as well, but you can do it through facebook, so there is no form filling or anything. Even if nothing comes of this, I will move onto the next, and the next, and keep making art. I cannot tell you how incredible it is to share, and have you all be so supportive.



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