Tim Beard’s 31 Days Of Halloween

An incredible artist, and someone I am grateful to call my friend, TIM BEARD has started a project called 31 Days Of Halloween where he draws something every day until Halloweenie time! But its not just random posts – check out this blurb:

I love Halloween. I have ever since I was a very small child. Some of my earliest memories revolve around the holiday. Also, as some recent posts here will attest, I love ‘The Adventures of Pete & Pete’. Put these two great influences of mine together and you get ‘Halloweenie’.

On it’s surface ‘Halloweenie’ is a story about two brothers trying to save the holiday from a pack of evil goons known as the Pumpkin Eaters. The Brothers Pete must avoid being caught by these maniacs so that they can top the Wellsville trick-or-treat record (374 houses in one night!). But as with most things Pete & Pete there is a lot more substance than that. It is after all a show written by adults looking back at adolescence through a filter of nostalgia. It’s also a story about traditions, rituals, growing up and loyalties. I’ll stop myself here before this turns into a full dissertation.

Check it out, if you DARE.




2 thoughts on “Tim Beard’s 31 Days Of Halloween”

    1. Its so inspiring! Makes me want to do my own slap-dash version – since I have no story. Maybe next year….or a 25 days of Jack Frost – basically, – its brilliant and you make me want to be better.

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