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Open Letter to Lucy Knisley, plus the Rabbit Hole Effect

Here is an example of what I call the Rabbit Hole Effect of the internet, and how its leads me to a precious jewel…when not leading me to the dark depths of the bandwidth demons…

I was reading here because the story of lorises in captivity needs to be told and OH MY they are so cute and its so sad and I need to get informed then I clicked on this :

When done I saw a face in the sidebar that reminded me of a clip I saw once once and I love gifs so I was like ooh funny or sad lets decide after we click!

Then I saw something else in the sidebar, when I realized I don’t speak fangirl and I have no idea what PWP stands for and maybe this will explain some of the internet’s mysteries!

That article told me to look at lots of links, which I did, but then that is when I found something incredible…

I was blown away. It was just bonkers awesome. I went full stalker and went to her site:

And I am still going through all her work – I could lose hours here…so,
here is my open letter to Lucy Knisley:

Dear Lucy Knisley,

No. I cannot stop paying attention, as your url so demurely requests. First of all I want to exclaim on the breadth of your art. So much work with a consistent, humorous, and lovable voice. There is so much to look through, to admire the details of. Thank you for putting it online, because sadly, I am one of those who never knew to look until now. I gratefully click and browse, enjoying the colors, the point of view, the stories you delicately weave into the expressions and scenes of your worlds.

You are an inspiration, and I look forward to seeing the world fill with your artistic voice. We need more smiles, and more moments to look past the cheeky grins and be open to the friendly invitation to admire a bit longer, and maybe feel that hug. Great work. You have a new fan.

I look forward to following your work, buying some of those books and reading them while eating something with a spoon.

With much admiration,


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