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Finishing new art for the next Art Walk

Happy Tuesday fellow art-lovers and week survivors. Next Thursday is another Canoga Park Art Walk. My art got accepted again! WEEE! You can’t miss it, it’s free to go. Children are welcome, but when you go into the any of the galleries, it’s up to the parents’ discretion if the art is too mature. The vendors, the food, and the music can be enjoyed by all ages. My goal is to finish my 2 new pieces to match the “HEADS WILL ROLL” theme they have going. One is a sculpture, and the other is a smaller painting. I don’t have long, so it will be exciting to see if I can meet the deadline. Either way, I will post the art when I finish it. Hope to see you there!

Theme this month is: “HEADS WILL ROLL!”
Public Event
By Canoga Park Artwalk

Thursday, August 16, 2012
6:00pm until 10:00pm
Sherman Way, Canoga Park, California 91325

Come and enjoy the food, the music, walking around to see all the vendors and the ART!


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