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I promised mermaids, and here they are!

So, due to my scanner being out of touch with my needs, there was a bit of backup of mermaid sketches. Now that it is back online, I present to you more rough ideas for my new coloring book:

Don’t worry, there will be mer-men to color in as well!







2 thoughts on “I promised mermaids, and here they are!”

  1. Hey, it was nice meeting you and your husband at the Con (I’m sure you met a lot of people, so you probably wouldn’t remember me. My friend and I stopped at your booth and spoke with you at the end of the day on Thursday). I hope the rest of the show went well for you. Hopefully your husband talked you into taking a break and leaving your table, so that you could actually walk the show.

    1. Hello and thank you for your kind comment, and especially for coming and finding me on the internet. Haha yes, thank you – I did get a break a few times, but I stayed rather close to the booth since I was so happy to have it. Thank you so much for checking in 😀

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