My note about my art and TATTOOS

The release of my Creatures Of Legend Coloring Book has brought out a few WONDERFUL and surprising comments that I wish to address:

Anything that I have drawn, sketched, painted, created that you want tattooed on your-body, you have my FULL PERMISSION to do so! I am HONORED if you do so! Its one of the best compliments an artist can receive.

If you are a tattoo shop, and have my art up as something you supply to clients – things can get a little messy in the small print. The basic argument: my art might be bringing you business, and none for me. If you are at this point, then I consider myself lucky because this means you want my art. Just throw me an email at bringontheart{at} and we can discuss.

If you pretend my art is something you drew and sell it as yours, that is illegal, and might be a cry for help. You probably need a hug, and you are not only hurting yourself and self worth, but you are hurting my feelings, as well as my journey to become a full-time artist.

And on a fun note – if you do get a tattoo of my art, I would LOVE a photo to share with the world. You can either send it directly to me or tag me on your facebook wall.

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