Meet MJ Lindo


I am pleased to introduce you to a Bay artist named MJ Lindo. She contacted me and shared some of her art. I found it strong and personal, so I would like to share her work, as well as her answers to some of my questions. Feel free to check out the links, and connect!

When did you start this style of art?

I started this style about four or five years ago.

What are your go-to’s for inspiration?

I actually really love going to the library and looking through books of animals and insects. I usually get inspired through those.

If you could meet any one artist, living or dead, for afternoon tea, who would it be?

I would love to meet up with Frida Kahlo. She seemed like such a strong and inspiring person.

Do you foresee having a show in Los Angeles any time soon?

I would love to have a show in LA. I recently had a group show there but I would love to do more in that area.

What are some ways to follow your work?


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