Greetings from the shadows

I recently looked at the calendar and realized how much time has passed since I:

  • Sketched
  • Posted on my blog
  • Painted
  • Wrote
  • Worked on the iPad version of Sleepless

What I have been doing:

  • Trying to solve the space issues in my studio since the shows – now that things are framed and I am working larger, it appears I am outgrowing my present workspace. I would send a photo, but its already 1/2 way solved – and doesn’t nearly have the apocalyptic look anymore so it would be more “meh” than “dear cat gods of terror!”
  • Exercising – yeah – that thing that makes you feel better after you do it?
  • Sleeping more than 5 hours a night! (I KNOW – AMAZING right?!)
  • Working at my not so day job – hours have been peaking as deliveries are climbing on each-others necks.
  • Weekends being social and spending time with family and friends.

Its sad where I have to choose between creative fulfillment and health-social-cleanliness. It seems I can’t have both these days. When I am doing one I miss the other. Hopefully there will be an artistic update sooner than later. Oh! I have also been editing a time lapse of me painting Birth Of Density – if it works out I might post it. That is one GREAT thing about working on a laptop, you don’t need a bunch of space to finish things – you just need enough room for your hand on the keyboard and wacom tablet. If only I enjoyed digital painting as much as physical painting..


One day.

Yes – one day all I will need is a laptop and a hard drive, and I can make art anywhere and feel fulfilled.

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