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Thank you all for a great show on Saturday!

I would have written sooner, but the unexpected happened: the show was incredible and taxed my energy more than expected. Since Sunday was spent as breakdown day, a recoup day was no-where in sight. I would go to work then come home and sleep.

I think there is a photo somewhere of me in my fleecy pajamas cuddling a cat and asleep on the bed – kind of sums up my nights this last week. I’ll see if I have the guts to share that photo.

But finally, I get to say an official thank you.

To all those who came out:

I cannot tell you how great it was to have your support, your hugs, and your excitement. We had over 200 well behaved yet lively people there, so the gallery will be more than happy to have us again. You made that happen. Not only that, but in the sea of communal back patting and congratulations, it was wonderful to see familiar faces. As some of you know, being in a crowd is not my natural state. To lock eyes with a supportive friend or family member across the buzzing throng of bodies helped me stay calm and grateful.

To those who bought prints:

You blew my mind. Simply put. Thank you, and I truly hope you enjoy the work!

Some select photos, you can see the full set here.

A.L.L. Art Show in NOHO

A.L.L. Art Show in NOHO

A.L.L. Art Show in NOHO

A.L.L. Art Show in NOHO
A.L.L. Art Show in NOHO


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