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Joseph Kony 2012 – EDITED

One think I can thank the KONY 2012 campaign for, is igniting the internet.

Hiffington Post Article

This video is igniting awareness, which I still firmly believe is incredibly important. However, there are issues with Invisible Children and how effectively it uses the money. Take a moment to read THE DAILY WHAT and which critizies how the money is being used, and the way the information is being presented.


“Is Kony fundamentally bad, and is IC fundamentally good? Yes, absolutely. Should you support IC? If you want to, sure. Personally, I feel that other organizations focused on active aid are more productive at this stage in the conflict, but that’s your decision. I just want you to talk about it. I urge you to meet with other concerned people in your community to discuss some of the articles I link to in my article and the KONY 2012 video and decide what you want to do. Thank you.”

Here is a list of charities recommended by the Daily What that have an excellent rating for efficient use of funds:
Children Of The Nations

And now from BoingBoing:

I will keep reading, listening. I will try and spread my awareness. There is so much in this world, and I am grateful for the voices being shared.


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