All, Illustration


Its is done. It is published. World, I hope you enjoy it. Color, create! I am on to the next growing horizon of projects, so that Arty can have much more to share.


DIRECT FROM ARTIST means Krisztianna gets a slighty larger percentage of the sale of her book since you would be purchasing it directly from her publisher at Createspace.


Buying from Amazon is always a popular choice, due to its fantastic reputation and customer service. If you do purchase from here, please rate the book as it helps sales. Many thanks!

In these pages you will find fantastical creatures from all over the world. Meet those you may already be familiar with like Dragons, Unicorns, and Gryphons. Be surprised at others you may not have met before, like the ferocious Wyvern from Europe or the mystical Itsumade from Japan. There is no right or wrong way to color, so let your choices bring these ancient animals to life.

Here are the coloring book characters:

Fantasy Creatures


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