Make things

I have so many things I want to finish. Want to make. I am at the cusp of releasing my little coloring book to the world. This project alone is the culmination of two years of roadblocks, perfectionism, and life. Almost two years. I want to make more, make it faster, and make it better. This creative unrest gives me the physical discomfort of itching in my palms. The sensation only stops when I draw or hike.

And, until I can sit down and ease the anxiety in my hands as I look on the rising horizon of all the projects I want to bring into the world – this post on the gave me some calm. I hope it does to you too. Its truth soothes me.


4 thoughts on “Make things”

  1. “The sensation only stops when I draw or hike.” – yes.
    Only with practice you can add other activities that create stuff – like music, scultpure, stained glass, making board games, making video games.

    What doesn’t do it: watching music, watching art, watching movies, reading books, spectating.

    But seriously – why hiking? Right?

    Also – love that Vonnegut’s signature is also a self-portrait.

    1. HA! Yes, isn’t that self portrait wonderful?
      I LOVE your list of creative adventures. Haha, yes – HIKING. Its creative for me. Something about mountains, fresh air, and everything my eyes absorb.
      Its actually something that heals almost ALL my ails. After the hike, the physical itch in my palms actually goes away. If I have that dire, desperate desire to create and its just boiling and my brain is a-scatter, a hike will clear my head. Instead of drawing or creating in a frenzy, it becomes a much more productive, focused, and pleasurable creative experience.

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