A new years wish

Thank you so much for all your support this year. The magic of the Internet and how wonderfully we can share images, interests, and beautiful things brings me daily joy. This year it has been especially inspiring. Counting my blessings has been overwhelming. The largest ones I feel compelled to share, right now, with you.

I am grateful for my friends, their patience with my schedule, and their forgiveness for my lack of a verbal filter.

Thank you to my family. I love you. The support you give me is unmeasurable. I wish you all peace.

All who read my blog: thank you.
There are days where the energy to post, or draw, or do anything is gone. And then the thought comes: “But what about those few who read…and comment…what if I disappoint them because I haven’t made anything..” and then I make something, draw, or write. Sometimes it doesn’t get posted but the most important thing has happened: progress. You made that happen for me…right now you who are reading this, I thank you. Progress is, and always will be, my greatest challenge. This year I made progress but did not have the speed and satisfaction I hoped for.

I published my first experimental graphic novel, but still working on the book signing party. I had my first set of limited edition prints made, but dealing with production issues to make sure all packaging is beautiful. I applied to Comicon for the first time ever, but didn’t score my own booth. I made art, but not as much as I wanted. I will keep making, keep working, and keep fighting for time.

But nothing prepared me for the thrill of encouragement coming from the expanse of the internet.

Happy new year to you. Thank you so much for reading. You help me more than you know. I look forward to this next year being as or more productive and exciting as this last one. You all have been good to me, and I hope to share more art with you.

Blessings, and draw on!


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