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SNOWBIRD: a graphic novel by Erin Wilson

I love stories.

Sometimes, only 5 pages of one makes me tear up at work…I hate tearing up. Yet I wanted to know more about what was happening past the 5 pages of this graphic novel, so I consider this share-worthy.
Its an overwhelming thing: to see art that looks as therapeutic to the artist as it does for the viewer. I also consider this brave of the artist to share art that feels so personal.
I encourage you to check out, and support, SNOWBIRD, a graphic novel by Erin Wilson. Adorable, touching. Charm and beauty in the face of fear and pain is very special.

This is her Kickstarter page, where you can pledge to support her as she completes this graphic novel.

This is her Website

And this is where she answered Kickstarter’s question with a comic.


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