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Skydoll by Barbucci & Canepa Just Arrived

Skydoll Vol.1 by Barbucci & Canepa just arrived and I am so excited to read it! Just flipping through it, the colors and faces are beautiful. The panels are stunning. I plan on tracing a lot from this. “Tracing! Krisztianna, isn’t that cheating?” HA! NOPE! Only if you claim it as your own. I LOVE tracing beautiful drawings – its actually quite a wonderful exercise. <dances with tracing paper>

Now, a funny thing….in this American reprint I have received…the nipples were removed from the cover. I wonder what that room is like, where they make these decisions. On the outside, the group is all “hmmm, America will not like this unless we remove the nipples, despite it being an adult novel, and despite our hypersexualization of tons of other things for the youth- the REST OF THE WORLD can handle it – but us Americans, NO TO NIPPLES!” Its just odd to me. If they hadn’t removed them, I wouldn’t have brought it up – but now that they asked someone to Photoshop those nipples out, here I am talking about them. The very act of hiding them has brought it into conversation. <shakes head>

Anyhow! I’m excited for some tea, some pajamas, some tracing paper, and some kitties sitting on my hand as I try to draw and read.

Here’s the french one – the original I assume:


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