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An Open Letter To Sam Wolfe Connelly

This is his  twitter, tumblr, and this is his facebook fanpage

And now, as I do for sources of inspiration, my letter to him, as if he would actually read it.


Dear Mr. Sam Wolf Connelly,

You are one of those artists who I am ashamed of not knowing about earlier…as in….when you first started putting your art on the web. The subtlety of your line, light sources, and lucid imagery show years of excellence that I obviously missed out on. I have been following your work a few months on your site, on your fanpage, and on your tumblr. Its been amazing to see the world recognize your beautiful visual storytelling. In the age of the impersonal nature of the internet, where its easy to forget the person behind the art, especially when its so beautiful, your images of Captain America and Iorek Byrnison show much sensitivity to the stories of others, and translates into something  personal.

I look forward to one day seeing one of your shows, and to own a print on my wall.








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