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Squidface Ebay Auction This Week!

It has been quite a few days since we last spoke.

Great news: Squidface : Introductions will be on Ebay for my readers and facebook fans this week! Yep, I’m having 25 limited editions prints made, so now the original is safe for bidding and shipping.

Its very exciting to have it available for you. Starting bid will still be $1.00. I will supply a link in a few days from a new account. The auction will be three days instead of one, simply because if its 3 days the listing is cheaper to post. I’m setting it up so the bidding ends on Thanksgiving day, a day of giving!

A little story about this piece:
Squidface is the nickname for a character in an illustrated novel I’m working on. She is rather shy, since she has a face full on tentacles and its a bit hard for her to make friends. Squidface’s challenge is finding her voice, and this is why I am made this piece specifically for this auction: I hope to give her a voice by sharing her with you. Thank you all, again, for helping the fanpage get to 500 fans. Your feedback, support, and shares are inspiring and encouraging. Squidface would agree. 🙂

Remember, you will be bidding on the original!

Stay tuned!



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