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A special thanks goes to Carlos, who sent me these links – consider me addicted. I hope you enjoy these as well, especially on a  Friday! Though these are in my inspiration section I think just sharing them is enough. So, these are digital comics – in other words, someone makes a story, makes the art for it, and puts it up for people to enjoy FOR FREE as they work on it. If that isn’t reason enough to adore the internet, then I don’t know what is. There are many others that are paid subscriptions as well, but I am the worst kind of fan: short attention span. These, however, have my full attention.

The Abominable Charles Christopher, by Kerschl, seems to be about an adorable yeti with a pacifier, and the smart-alecky creatures of the forest.  This also won an Eisner Award for ‘Best Digital Comic’. Its got the stunning array of humor, drama, and beautiful storytelling.

And now for the beautiful and enchanting Kukuburi by Ramón Peréz.  A delivery girl walks through a white picket gate and is confronted with an incredible world as well as her old nightmares. I am still reading and enjoying, so that’s all I can say – other than the colors, line quality, and character expressions are just a treasure.


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