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Kina Grannis Music Video By Greg Jardin

22 months. Jellybeans. A rotating army of people. All shot in camera, CGI-free. Pure. Awesome.

If you like having your mind blown, you MUST watch the behind the scenes.


And this video has made it to the inspiration section of my blog, and therefore deserves a letter, as if the person I was writing it to will read it. I actually have the honor of sending this to him. So, here you are internet.

Dear Greg Jardin,
Congrats. You blew my mind. There were many ways to make this music video: CGI, cheats, smoke and mirrors. All valid, all effective, all would have taken a lot less time. The path you chose was the hardest and the most beautiful. There is a special look, an authenticity I cannot describe, when things are kept as pure as moving jelly beans around, then taking a picture. There is an element of magic you were able to bring forth in this video – the little shudders of the jelly beans reflecting the light – even when a frame has the opportunity to be still, you were not still. Every frame, the jelly beans move, twist, giggle.
Your dedication to the quality of an end result is more than enviable, its something I hope to do someday, even with all those sleepless nights this must have taken.
You may be content that no one will look at jellybeans the same again after seeing this video.

I look forward to more of your amazing work.
Good job at making the world beautiful.
– Krisztianna

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