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Open letter to Barbara Canepa and Alessandro Barbucci

Another artist(s) has made it to the inspiration category of this blog. Therefore, a letter from me to the both of them (since they collaborate) is required by recently established custom.

Dear Barbara Canepa and Alessandro Barbucci,

I am ashamed. My wonderful internet, with Tumblr, Comic Streams, and Daily Art feeds I subscribe to have not featured you…once…Until today, I did not know of you, and this is as much my fault as the internet’s for favoring certain circles of artists. I think I am making amends because instead of working, I spent a good 1/2 hour scouring images and french blogs for recent snippets of what you have been up to. I can safely say that I have developed a visual obsession with your character named “Noa”, and I will be purchasing all 3 comix in the Sky Doll series.

The weird part is, I found you both through Facebook because an artist I follow “liked” an album that was “liked” by one of you and I saw a beautiful profile image…and here I am. Maybe in a way the internet finally figured it out: “Show her, and she shall click!” and I did. And Wow.

Expressive eyes and soft hues punched with strong, movement-filled lines have made an impression on me. I want to know more about those characters. I have read nothing (YET!), but the seemingly thoughtful stream behind the eyes, the implied emotional sensitivity of a sexually charged figure, it all leaves me caring about what they are doing, and why. Also, thank you for being both a writer and an illustrator. Seeing that combination is inspiring for my future goals as an artist.

I look forward to more your work, your collabs, and reading/seeing what you have already created,


P.S. I guess I owe the internet a thanks after-all. If it wasn’t for it, I’m not sure how much longer I would have had to go without the influence of your visions.


*  *  *


And now for links for all you readers: FLY internet! Take these clicks and share the beautiful pictures with the world!

Alessandro Barbucci His blog – check it out! The art…AHH THE ART!!!

Barbara Canepa Her Facebook, her blog, in 2007 she created a new publishing pop label which makes me want to learn french really quick: VENUSDEA.

And a link to the series I am excited to read, SKY DOLL, le site!



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