October of Wishes and Hard Work

It has been a few weeks too long since the last post, and you are due for an update which I am happy to give.

AVAST! I have moved! Yes. That behemoth of boxes, lost brushes, and stressed out cats has been tamed into piles of precious things in desperate need of sorting so they can be found. The studio had to be gutted, boxed, moved, and is still being unpacked. For a while I felt like a sailor with no boat. I hope that metaphor implied feelings of a goal without a beloved vessel to achieve that goal. But finally there is a chair to sit on, a desk to draw on, and drawers with art making implements. Upon finishing moving in, new photos will be uploaded so that you can see the new setup.

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS! Sam at GicleeLA has been a saint. For the sake of art, he has gone out of his way to meet me after hours in parking lots around Los Angeles and weekend meetups so that it can be finally said: the limited edition prints for “Birth Of Density” have been ordered. The first batch of 24, which are part of the Sleepless package, will be available first. They are ordered and printing! A special thanks to Sam, his great attitude, and his patience with an artist who also has a full-time job  😉 I am so please to be able to say I have my first Artist’s Proof.

MORE SKETCHES? My sketches will be few and far between….but hopefully I will be updating my blog with pieces of a story I’m creating for…

UTALES! I hope to finish in-time to be part of uTales and their initial launch into the world. It will be my first book created directly for a tablet. The story, called “The Flight Of Swoop And Chitter : Danger Zone!” is already written and laid out, and hopefully I will manage to keep my watercolors simple but still interesting so as to finish it soon. I consider this a test flight into uTales, my new characters, and this small story. If there is enough interest I might do more.

COLORING BOOK? Haha, YES! The coloring book is STILL HAPPENING! And here you are, a link to the timeline of registering a trademark. Oh the joy. Hopefully I will be of sound mind enough to update this blog when a large step goes through, so that anyone reading may be inspired to start their own brand as well!

Hey, Krisztianna..what happened to Panda’s Perfect Pocket? The vision for that particular story has specific, rich imagery. I have decided to put that story aside until there is time to finish it to the quality desired. It was a frustrating conclusion…but art is few things if not frustrating.

WISHES! Comicon 2012, I hope that you will accept my application to be part of the Small Press booth, or maybe in some weird magical-warp longshot: Artist’s Alley. November 2011 seems to be the bearer of the news of who got in, and who didn’t. Request and samples have been sent. Here’s to wishing. I will share the news either way.

A merry Wednesday to you all  🙂


3 thoughts on “October of Wishes and Hard Work”

  1. Comicon 2012? As in the thing out here in Detroit that Chris keeps trying to explain to me? With all the anime and gamer stuff?

  2. Oh I WISH it was the one out in Detroit, then I could VISIT YOU! Alas, it is the one here in Los Angeles. They have a few smattered about the country – theoretically, they are the same idea: Comics, Games, Movies, etc.

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