Update On Coloring Book

So, my “Fantasy Creatures” coloring book, the one that has been “ready to come out” for almost a year now…It appears I have found even more ways to delay its coming into the world. I realized I don’t want to put out just one coloring book; I want to make several. People need to find it easily and not worry about spelling my name, or worrying about finding naked octopus women when they DO spell my name right and they just want to see pictures of baby dragons. I plan on being productive for years to come, and I want to be able to separate the kids games and coloring, which I LOVE to do, and my personal work.

So I am making a brand to release my children’s activities under: coloring books, activity books, tablet apps! This means trademarking, paperwork, more waiting for approvals….etc. Its a long process to release a little coloring book, but I see it as the first of many.

There are already revisions in the works to what you see below, a character tentatively named “Arty”. For example, the hat has been replaced, and hes got some dapper clothes, OH MY! I will post when hes done. He might be the symbol of my brand. I wanted to share this bead of a thought with you, because process can be just as fun as the end product. Happy Wednesday!


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