Dustin Farrell, I've got my eye on you

I recommend this time lapse in full screen.
And now, my letter directly to the artist/director/filmmaker because this made it to the “inspiration” category of my blog:

Dear Dustin Farrell,

Thank you for bringing such dramatic, distinct, humbling, and inspiring imagery of Arizona and Utah to the comfort of my screen. The essence you have distilled into a concentrated tincture of galactic-eyeball-euphoria is overwhelming. I have this video bookmarked, and I will be viewing it frequently as my 3E’s inspiration. 3E’s are my way of describing when something has 3 important factors that make the “HOLY SH*TBALLS THAT’S AMAZING” effect, and one day I will be able to imbue art with its magiks. My quick breakdown:
Is it Epic? Is it Elemental? Does it evoke Emotion? The answer is yes, YES, AWWW Yes.

So, thank you. Keep going. Keep making.  And I’m sure your team (and wife!) are proud of this stunning project.




Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.

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