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EBAY Painting For 500 Fans FINISHED!

Hello and good evening!

The painting to celebrate 500 fans reached on Facebook is complete! So, here is what is going to happen:

• I get a good scan
• I get a some great prints
• I put this ORIGINAL (Yes, original. You read that right) painting up on EBAY at a starting bid of $1
• I send the link through my site and through Facebook so readers and fans have the direct link
• Bidding will open for one day which should benefit my regular readers

The painting is titled: Squidface : Introductions



The Story

Squidface is part of a small graphic novel that is still in its starting stages. In it, she befriends a character named Density – you may remember her in several poses from this painting, The Birth Of Density:


The original will get cut up into those 24 frames, and each will be part of a special edition package of my book “Sleepless”. Don’t worry! This quilt-painting will be available in one piece in print form – and there will be 24 special ones you can only get through the special edition Sleepless package. However, the original will only exist in pieces.

Also, in the last 20 pages of Sleepless there are a few sketches of Squidface and Density to clue you in on their budding friendship.


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