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Levin And Albright

Its surprising when someone I knew as a friendly acquaintance becomes an artistic ally with a question like: “you published a graphic novel?”

This was the question posed by a a friendly coworker, Mr. Albright, to which I stammered some combination of, “Only self published…not much…personal project….sketches…dreamworld…plans for more…no big deal…” then I let him borrow a copy. I inquired, “Why the interest?” He stammered an equally self-deprecating answer about a graphic novel he is working on and will be pitching to a few publishing houses.

I then stalked his website. Turns out he and a friend of his are skilled writers with an affection for the comic form. They have a wonderful blog about the subject which I encourage anyone who loves stories to read. The entries are informative, enjoyable, and unveil the pleasures of the processes involved.

Thank you, Mr. Albright, for filling the world with well written content.

While you are there, make sure to look at the first few panels of their comic book “CADAVER“, and stay tuned for when it gets picked up.


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