WACOM Inkling Has Me All Excited!

And here are some excerpts from GIZMODO about this device….

• Take the stylus and receiver out of the neat portable box.
• Clip the receiver on top of any paper notebook and start drawing. Don’t worry about space: the receiver can store thousands of pages, according to Wacom.
• When you are done after a day, connect the receiver to the computer via USB and browse all your drawings, exporting the ones you like to Photoshop or Illustrator or any typical graphic format, from TIFF to JPG.

That’s one of the beauties of this. From their Inkling Sketch Manager you can rasterize your drawings at print resolution and export them to Photoshop. Or even better: you can export as a vector illustration to Adobe Illustrator, which will allow you to re-work your lines in any way you want.

The Wacom Inkling comes with a pen, receiver, rechargeable batteries, four spare pen ink cartridges, charging case and the Inkling Sketch Manager Application, which is neatly store in the Inkling receiver. I’m so spending $200 on this when it comes out in the second half of September.


I’m very excited…very….this..could possibly be really amazing.


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