Drawing with light at night – away for a few days


And a happy Late Evening to you all! We are at 499 fans on facebook! AMAZING! I will finish the painting I will be selling for $1 when we reach 500…hopefully before that last bit – but maybe a little after.

In other news…. I will be away from the blog and the internet until Monday. If all goes well and to plan, I will be camping outdoors, drinking hot cocoa, hiking, and hopefully taking some special nighttime photos with my new camera. I call these “light drawings at night”. I’m very new at this “camera-with-lenses” thing. I lived by point-and-shoot for many years – but I took so many photos I would wear them down, averaging about 2.5 cameras a year. I stopped buying them and saved up for my CANON T2i. It has lenses. A timer. ISO range. Shutter speed. This is way more camera than I know what to do with. BUT! I can draw with light!!!

Method put super duper simple: Go out at night, take a flashlight, tripod, camera – open the shutter of the camera according to settings needed, then draw with your flashlight until the shutter closes. As a parting thought, I share with you my favorites. These were taken up on Mulhulland drive on the Ventura County side at 2 AM. See the stars?








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