Having a vagina and watching the world

Its Friday. Happy friday.

And now, I present to you a tirade. I have these occasionally, usually something small that I have blown out of proportion due to my strength/fault on focusing on small details…or when I’m not wearing enough grey. The word “vagina”.

Just say it, then get over it. Hopefully now you are ok with the title of the post. If not, say the word vagina few more times, because bleeping it out of television conversations or having someone on the radio ask if its ok to say only helps girls wonder if it IS actually is a shameful thing. Now follows a short inner dialog as an example of how it could affect someone’s thoughts: “Wow, they can’t even use the most PH balanced term to describe something I have….There must be something wrong with it…”

Vagina is a clinical term, like uterus, penis, humorous, tibia. It is generic enough, and also a word to communicate a specific part of the body. When you say the word vagina, do not fear it. Just say it. Once you get over it, you can start flowering up your language. Oh, you don’t have any other words that aren’t BAD words, or make you feel dirty, slimy, gross, or an object? Ok, I can help with a list of words that I personally find endearing in casual conversation. If you are wondering “Why are you even talking about vaginas?” My response is, “My Dear Reader, its like talking about anything else. Most women have one, and there are those who wish they had one. When something isn’t shameful, it comes up in conversation, and then leaves the conversation, like the weather. Depending on how interested someone is in meteorology, it can get more detailed, but it usually doesn’t in polite company”:

Lady Bits

Have a good Friday.
To have have a great Friday, get someone to say VAGINA.

To have Friday that will BLOW YOUR MIND, shout the word vagina in the street, and see how many people blush. Its almost shameful. Use responsibly. Remember, if you over-do this, even I will go to the other side of the street.


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