Pirovino Kaws Interview

An insightful interview with Ronnie Pirovino, a Los Angeles base art collector/curator/appreciator who is known for the world’s finest KAWS collection. For when you have a moment, I recommend the read. It is a nice glance into the head of an art lover.

Some questions are:

Have you always been a collector?

When did you first become interested in KAWS? What drew you to his work?

At what point did you decide to start collecting KAWS work? And at what point did you realize you were going all in?

Which piece is your favorite? Why?

I have my own reasons why I want and love art…but as someone who makes art, I seek to understand what makes art desireable to others, as a thing to have, to own, to look upon frequently. To hear it from someone, like Mr. Pirovino, whom I end up in conversations with regarding the different meanings and expressions of art, its a thrill for me to read his words.

Click here to be taken to the article


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