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An Open Letter to Claire Hummel

Going with my theme of Artists That Inspire Me, I have stumbled upon an amazing talent named Claire Hummel. Here is her site.

And here is my letter to her:

Dearest Claire,

I look at your art and I am torn apart with rage. Your line-work is so perfect, so smooth, so defiantly natural that I go into an absolute fury inside. Its a quiet fury, the kind where an on-looker might think I have indigestion, but within me is a raging apocalypse of anger at myself and my constant attempts to do what I see you doing, and my utter failure at it. Despite how negative this sounds, looking at your work is surprisingly constructive as I am filled with zealous inspiration. I am so sad I missed you at this last Comicon. I am also sad I had not known your work until today. But I am über glad I can purchase work from you!

Ohhhh and the FASHION and style you bring to your characters! So beautiful. Your work has a humor in its line quality, which softens the technical perfection and makes it look so TERRIBLY natural. You have another fan. I hope you will be at the next San Diego Comicon, 2012, because I will find you and have you sign a print!

Without indigestion,


There’s Something About Her by *shoomlah on deviantART


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