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Marco Mazzoni – You blow my mind.

I am going to start writing some of these Artist based inspiration blog posts as if I am writing them TO the artist. From now on.

So, here is the first:


Dear Marco Mazzoni,

Your art blows my mind. You make feeling vulnerable ok again for the moment it takes to absorb these visuals. I wish I could say “I Must Meet YOU!” but the truth is, I wouldn’t know what to say if I did. I would shake your hand, and hope that some of that sensational skill and visualization rubs off on me. Until then, I look forward to more work from you. But more than anything, I can hardly wait to see one of your works in person.

Juxtaposition attracts me consistently, so there is a level of surprise that I seek out and therefore am accustomed to. But when I look at these butterflies, flowers, and hummingbirds blooming and erupting from a lucid face of light, I am surprised at how gentle and ferocious it can be at once. I like to be surprised.




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