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I did not make it in, but that won't stop me!

Art Takes London has chosen their artists, and I was not amongst them.
To see the winners, and the truly powerful top 100 finalists, I encourage you to check it out
As much as all who entered hoped to be chosen, and that little sting upon realizing, “Not this time,” it was still a wonderful experience to see, read, and feel all your support as I made my attempts at sharing my art with the world.
I thank you, and present to you a new piece (below) for your patience this week with my internet silence as I dayjob, nightdraw, and prepare my special edition Sleepless book for the eventual book signing!

I will not be having a show in an awesome gallery in the metropolis that is London….YET….

In other news, I have a page on Saatchionline, an online network for fine artists. Of course, “The Birth Of Density” is my first piece on there. 🙂


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