You are all awesome

Some may remember when my facebook fanpage hit 300 fans. I was so excited I started a painting with the whole purpose of selling it on ebay for $1 with a short time limit, so someone could own an original painting for cheap. It was also a way of me saying thank-you for reading and following my work. We are now almost at 500 fans….it happened so quickly, that I am still saying the numbers out-loud to myself. Most of you I don’t know personally! You share my work, share your work with me, and we discover the world of art through internet magic. Its amazing.

So, the plan is I will finish this painting…hopefully before we hit 500 fans. And when we do, I will post a link to where you can start bidding at $1 (plus shipping, sorry fans in Thailand……Thailand…..). The bidding will be for 24 hours, to keep it short and sweet. So, if only one person bids….that person will get a painting for $1! If 8 people bid – then the last person will get it for $8 or something. You see where I’m going with this?

I just want to say thanks, and make it special for the regular readers. There’s about 30 of you who have kept me honest about producing art. You are the ones asking when the next post is, sharing your children’s reactions to my art, and telling me “its not a daily sketch unless you post something every day!”  Thank you. You are helping me stay productive despite my long work hours, commute, and multiple projects. Some of you I have never met personally, but our mutual love of art has brought us internetically together. I look forward to your creative contributions!

So, prepare for the piece – it will take me a few weeks before its done. You will see it as soon as I finish, and maybe even in the process. When we reach 500 fans (oh my gosh : five-hundred!!) I will post a link to bid on ebay.

Blessing to you all, may art fill your lives. You are all awesome.
And, if you haven’t seen this artist yet, I leave you with this visual treat this wonderful Friday:
Sarah Hickey, Brisbane, Australia


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