Why A Good Pair Of Pajamas Is Paramount To Productivity

Some people sleep in the nude, some people are satisfied with boxers, or a t-shirt, or a nightgown with that flannel floral print that is neither distinguishable or distinguished. Honestly, I still need to figure out whats best for my sleeping patterns. But forget sleeping. A pair of pajamas is more important…wait for it….for painting.
Painting in pajamas.
But why? OH THE HORROR! Images of paisley, flannel, and wretched puppies held in place with poop brown plastic buttons might come to mind. But no. Fear not. Pajama Power exists, like a rare orchid whose magic works for those willing to search. For some, rainbows and ponies are enough as well as itchy fabrics that neither bend to your knees fidgeting whims or to a socially acceptable appearance. Those pajamas are not for me. My Painting Pajamas are not for hiding under covers, in the dark, like a dark secret of frumpy failures. I have my own frumpy sleeping items for cold nights. No. Painting Pajamas have the power to be worn inside, outside, curled up on a couch, stretching, rolling up sleeves, keeping me warm as I sit stagnant in one position, cross-legged on a Pilates ball with 2 cats fighting for a spot on my lap. They are simple, cozy, and dare I say flattering enough so that I am not ashamed to be seen picking up that paintbrush last minute at the art store. It can be a special sweater, yoga pants, anything that once I paint to where I am too tired, I can go to bed comfortably – hence the term Pajama. If you are like me, then one day, you will own a doppelganger of these:

So, to bring it to a close….my Painting Pajamas lie still and cold, which also means I have not had time to paint. Which also means, I am sorry for not having anything to post this week, as I try to wrangle the wilds of my life back under a saddle. Until sooner than later, ciao.


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