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SLEEPLESS, Vol.1 is DONE and Available for Purchase!!

Thank you to all my patient readers and fellow artists. My first published book of sketches, titled “Sleepless”, is available for purchase off of! A discount is being offered for a short time, so make sure you are a fan on my facebook page to see it. It will be available on in a few days. So share, spread the word, spread the love, I’m excited!

Its a visual narrative based on dreams, a sequence of images shaping worlds. This series of drawings was created for the “Art House Co-Op Sketchbook Project”. The original rests in the Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent 2011 collection. Selected sketches from my past sketchbooks have been added as bonus material for this edition.
ALLERGY WARNING: Not intended for bashful readers. Depicts the female form in varying degrees of undress.

I will let you know when the book signing is happening and when the 25 special edition books will be available from my website. They will be printed the same, but signed, numbered, and enclosing an original art piece.




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