Studio Upgrade!!

I recently purchased these custom made file hangers made of pure maple from a talented and saintly individual who only charged me for the materials. May he be blessed one thousand times over! I took some photos so you can see how many projects I have going on at once. Also, I traded in my financial comfort for a brand new macbook pro. In the photo below you see me showing off my file transfer from my old laptop to my new one.

And now, I can actually work on some of the projects that have been looming and crashing my old computer. “Panda’s Perfect Pocket”: you may hide from me no more, for now I have the processor speed to handle your girth!


3 thoughts on “Studio Upgrade!!”

    1. Of course its still up there, I love that piece! And thank you, it takes me a long time to set-up my studio. It always feels like a work in progress, but its easier and easier to work without looking for stuff now.

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