Sleepless Update

The jumping between projects continues. Now that my second proof for “Sleepless, Volume 1” has arrived, its time to perfect this file for the 7th time. Its very close. As you can see one of the bigger changes was putting the images on black. Through trial and error, I realized that this printing company does not consider white “a color”. At first this wasn’t a problem, since I didn’t think I needed to have what printers call “bleed”. Bleed is the idea that an image goes beyond the edge of the paper. In my case, white was PART of my image, but this is why the gutters were so huge on the first print. Despite all my communication, my arguments for the white just weren’t being heard. Naturally, I moved to use my favorite color: black. The printer recognized the bleed and my gutters are FAAAANTAAASTIC. I also prefer the black. In the end I am quite grateful for the drama that ensued in my studio trying to work this out. It was worth it for sure.

There is some fine tweaking that has yet to happen this weekend, so forgive me for not sketching. When I finish and order my proof, hopefully it will be the final.


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