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Got My Proof for Sleepless

I finally got my proof for “Sleepless, Volume 1” from the self publisher, CreateSpace!! The cover stock is shiny and thick, and the print quality does a good job of showing the graphite drawings. Overall the product is quite good for the price and the print-on-demand factor. However, I am going to correct the file and order another proof. As you will see in the photos below, there are some gutter problems at the moment ; the image gets partially cut in the middle. I don’t mind having that wide of a gutter because this printing process keeps the 100 page books under $20, I just need to prepare my imagery properly so it isn’t as chopped.

There is something satisfying about the ISBN on the back…so official!


2 thoughts on “Got My Proof for Sleepless”

  1. How inspirational! I love how you are following your dreams, literally and figuratively. 🙂 Keep at it, girl!

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