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James Jean "REBUS" show was wonderful

Its very rare I get to partake in a pre-show, and hopefully it will happen more often. The crowd was mellow, conversational, and moved slowly from piece to piece. The chatter was low, considerate. This is quite different from the accustomed art student/indie music crowd that gets a little aggressive. We left before it got as crowded as you see here in this video shot & edited by Jason Jaworski.

The space itself was interesting, but Monsieur Jean’s formidable work could have used more space. The lights put some glare on the pieces, and sometimes one had to bend down to properly see the detail and care in his work. Enjoy some of these photos, however my mighty camera-phone is still just that: a camera-phone. For better images, visit the site of James Jean himself. He was kind, and dealt well with the throng which started to crowd him into a corner.  I look forward to his future work!

Special thanks to Ronnie Pirovino!

Also, James’ OVM Lotus War scarf is completely made in Japan, and he has decided that all its proceeds will go to the Red Cross.


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