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Ordered My Proof For "Sleepless"

I ordered my proof for my graphic novel, so I get to see what the final printed product will look like before its available for market. I have also included my favorite sketches from my past sketchbooks as a bonus, so I’m very excited to see this in its final format. The next steps are to get it in the iBook market for the ipad, and planning a book signing party when all is approved and ready for purchase!

Tonight, its all about the James Jean pre-show<swoon>. Hopefully some of his creative magic osmotes into my brain. It is a very odd sensation to be able to meet an artist who I have been following for so long, nearly stalked at COMICON, and now I get to see his first solo show in Los Angeles. If I manage to take some picture with my Droid I’ll be posting them tomorrow for Friday fun.

You have my apologies. I have been too busy to post sketches. I have one 1/2 finished, waiting for my TLC, and I haven’t even given her a second glance since trying to get this book published. May your Thursday feel like a Friday, and may the kind gentleman at Life Food Organic be blessed for giving me that health tonic. I DO feel better. Cold, cold, stay away! I do not have the time nor the patience to get sick, but especially not today. NOT TODAY! <holds tiny fist in air>


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