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Alcina : The Göteborg Opera

The use of lighting, and the black and white solids and patterns in this Göteborg Opera opera make my eyeballs fizzle with joy, not to mention how awesome it sounds.

Alcina is generally seen to be Handel’s most mature and perfect opera, in addition to being a spectacular celebration of song. The opera is centred on the beautiful sorceress Alcina, who seduces all men she sees and then transforms them into stones and trees when she tires of them. When Ruggiero ends up on her island he too falls madly in love with Alcina. His fiancée Bradamante manages to find him and uses all her deviousness to save him from the grips of the beautiful seductress.

The images link to a synopsis of set design, costume design, short clips and an interview – may the visual and audio feasting commence! For those of you going to visit Sweden soon, see it live and write me!

Conductor Laurence Cummings
Director Yannis Houvardas
Set design Lars-Åke Thessman
Costume design Karin Erskine
Light design Torkel Blomkvist

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