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Aniko Toth : Talented Singer/Voice Actress

As the digital age stops being an “age” and becomes a lifestyle, there is valid concern for many aspects of how stories are shared, read, seen, and distributed. One I have found aggravating is a digital book with “read aloud” function using an unpleasant, condescending voice. Apparently, children aren’t vessels of learning, but idiots. Its as if the importance ends at the author and illustrator. How the spoken words will influence a child or the poor parent that has to listen to the same billy goat baa baa-ing all day seems to holds little interest. I don’t think there is a voice or sound effect that will spare a parent the insanity of repetition, but I would hope the first few listens would be pleasant enough.

With that, I present to you a shameless plug for a talented friend of mine,  Aniko Toth:
A voice that can go from bubbles, to velvet, to melodious.

She studied at Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest, Hungary, and has been broadcast on BBC Four, BBC Radio 3 and 4, PBS (USA), and Bartók Rádió (Hungary).

I just encourage you to take a listen, and maybe consider her for your next project…I know I already have 🙂


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