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Custom Painting Music Mix From Marsupervisor

I proposed a daunting task for my musically gifted friend, the MARSUPERVISOR. She has often recommended music for me, and every time its as if she knew what my ears/mind needed. So, my task was for her to recommend a track listing of items she thinks would be conducive to painting for my blog readers. Instead of just giving me a list of artists, she made a mix for me…and its FANTASTIC. With joy I present a mix that, as Marsupervisor put it: “… inspiring, epic beautiful, lush electronic/ambient.”

If you like it, download here.
Ambient Salad From Marsupial

Track Listing Below!
1. Time (We Plants are Happy Plants mix)- Hans Zimmer (Inception score remix)
2. Day One- Explosions in the Sky
3. In Love Not Limbo- Of OCeans
4. This is a Lull- Run Toto Run
5. Tristia- Hammock
6. Time Travel Ain’t Easy- Torley
7. Gleypa Okkur- Olafur Arnalds
8. Silence- Delerium (Acoustic version)
9. Moon in Water- Underworld
10. Castles in teh Snow- Twin Shadow
11. Grow Till Tall- Jonsi (Live at the wiltern ’10)

And, if you were as swept away by her choices as I was, or if you would like to follow the brilliance of this talented audiophile, check out her daily dose of music at 365 Days Of Music. Due to the success of that blog, she has started a podcast .  I encourage you to give it a listen.

And in regards to more drawings: they are coming. I am sorry for the sparsity of visual adventures these last few weeks. I can assure you my inactivity has only been on the internet side of things. Have a lovely week, and I hope this post brightens your Monday!


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