Ronnie's Corner

Happy Friday fellow readers! I asked my friend, Art Collector, Gallery Curator, And Fine Art Aficionado, Ronnie Pirovino the following:

“What would you recommend to an artist who wants to approach a gallery with a body of work?”


“Look for galleries that are doing shows with emerging artists. Most of
them do group exhibitions. The best way to get your foot in the door
is through group shows. Have a professional website with your
portfolio and be prepared when you make a personal visit. If you
demonstrate some care as to the way you present yourself, it’ll go a
long way. Don’t be afraid to call and chat with whomever answers the
phone and obtain a contact to email at the gallery. If they agree to
review the artwork, follow up after a couple of weeks with an email.
There are so many galleries on the planet that if you get a ‘pass’
from someplace, another may be very eager for your art. Persistence
will allow you the obtain the opportunities that will come easier as
you become more established. Focus on creating great artwork, first
and foremost, then undertake marketing it with the same zeal.”

I will be applying these thoughts as I continue to create my art. I hope his feedback will help you as well. As time goes on, I will continue to pick his brain because of his invaluable experience, observation, information, and a sterling lover of art in the ideal-est of terms.

Draw on!


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