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Inspiration – Dante Gabriel Rossetti

A source of inspiration for me is Mr. Rossetti. Those of you who know of him don’t need to hear it again, and those who don’t will find much more in-depth and wonderful information on him elsewhere.

Otherwise, Rossetti was a huge John Keats fan, and also wrote poetry himself. John Keats is the Polka to my Dots, so POINTS on that one. Rossetti’s paintings are amazing, world famous, influenced all kids of fantastic artists and were partially responsible for the “Aesthetic” movement in Europe later which was about focusing on things that were pretty instead of those with meaning. (HOLLAH!) Again, my barbaric summation, read more about it when you can. I love the ideas in that movement, not one of my favorites in art, but there is NOTHING wrong with enjoying something simply for its beauty. The way it makes you feel IS the experience. I like the conversations of the roll of art in society….Anyway.

Rossetti did very few illustrations, one of them being this woodblock print:

Golden Head by Golden Head, illustration for Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market and Other Poems (1862)

And I just wanted to share it with you because: its beautiful. There is so much tenderness in those hands, in the lines, in the tilt of their heads. I bet those blankets smell like they were dried in the sunlight. Their dreams are bright and spirited. I hope to one day be able to achieve such a journey of touch and senses in a static drawing. Even once in my life. Rossetti did it all the time. I have much to learn – but my goodness, what a beautiful piece. Enjoy.


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