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SCBWI – Update with illustrators!

Hello and thank you for your patience! My immune system decided to go on strike right after returning from the SCBWI conference, leaving me in a ditch of self pity and snot for few days. Tonight, after a far-too-large-late-night Baja Fresh Burrito and finally kicking the cold, I can put the finishing touches on this blog post to share with you.

The conference was amazing, but I have to say the best part was meeting the talented, aspiring, (and some well known! WEEE!) illustrators. Tonight’s post will be about the illustrators that I actually had conversations with, the ones who shared their art with me and were patient with my mumblings and twitches of a hermit lost at sea in a crowd. I invite you to look at their blogs and websites. I got to meet these geniuses, and they were more than nice: they were warm, inviting, and ready for a laugh. What is it with Children’s Book Illustrators? Did they get hit by the Happy Stick?  I felt right at home…well…when I wasn’t having a panic attack from the crowd or huddled in a corner…  Anyway, ENJOY!

(my next post I am working on will about the illustrators I did not meet personally, but stalked because their art was just so beautiful)


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