Blog is resurrected, preparing for SCWI Conference

Some of you may have noticed that my blog was down for a few days. I shall make a long story very short: due to a series of mistakes queried by trial and error, I had deleted all my blog entries, their backups, and my blog ceased to exist. There was also no way of getting any of it back. Mind you, this happened days before a conference where all over my business cards and postcards I invite people to visit my art blog. To say I was very sad is an understatement.

Why is it running now, you ask? How has this phoenix risen from its ashes? If the blog posts were killed out of existence, why are there more posts growing?

Because there breathes a man named Joe, who isΒ  friend and a programmer, who also reads my blog. He took it upon himself to help me by doing things I cannot even begin to explain. I CAN tell you it is not done by a push of a button. He is searching google caches, and taking what content Google will allow him to rebuild my blog. Bless his heart.

I now know how to properly backup a wordpress blog.

Without further ado, a blog entry.

I present a photo of my studio wall showing off my art exchanges with Exchange #1 Simon Hardman (on right) and Exchange#2 Pablo Ramos .


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